How To Make Money Part Time In Singapore?

If you have considered being an escort in Singapore or know of other similarly high paying part time jobs to being a social escort, then you must know that there are many perfectly legal ways to make a lot of money part time in Singapore. Working a job gotten through Recruit Express is no longer the best choice you have anymore. In fact, the best ways to  make money part time in Singapore, especially if you are a pretty girl, is to be a model for events!

Since we were at the topic of social escorts, let us first discuss that. Being an escort is in other words being a ‘part time girlfriend’ and plus 1 for the client and accompany him to private or public dates in Singapore. Public dates constitute social events such as gala dinners, while private dates is everything else. Most social escorts in Singapore make between $200 to $300 per hour of engagement. If you are looking for a job as a social escort in Singapore, you can check out SG VIP Escorts, one of the more popular and established agencies in Singapore and join them as an escort here:

Another great place to make a lot of money part time in Singapore for women is actually car shows. It is well known that many men like cars and every man loves a beautiful woman. Therefore, car shows will always engage beautiful female models to stand beside the car, either to attract men to the car and/or to sell the car. Although this pays significantly less than the job of a social escort, it is still a pretty decent income (though less than $200 to $300 / hour).

Another idea for you to make money part time in Singapore, is to be a real estate agent or insurance agent. Many Singaporeans become a real estate agent or insurance agent even while in university! Although it’s a tough business and competition is fierce, it’s a highly profitable industry if you are willing to slog it out during your free times. (Although I strongly recommend you to simply be a social escort or car show model to make easier money as a part time job.)

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