Going Out With Local Girls In Singapore

In my previous post, I talked about how I love Singaporean girls.

In this article, I shall talk more about my actual experience dating and going out with SG girls.

As you already know, Singapore is a city-state and Singaporean girls love nothing more than shopping. Therefore, going out on a date with local girls almost always incorporates going to the cinema, shopping or going to a nice cafe. Thankfully, I love doing such stuff too, especially the cinemas if there’s a nice movie or a nice cafe since I love to eat.

In general, although many people say that Singapore girls are materialistic (which is in my opinion true, and there’s nothing right or wrong about it), they’re actually not that obvious when it comes to this. What I mean is that Singaporean girls won’t blatantly criticize you if you don’t buy them fancy stuff. They may think about it, or discuss with their friends (if you’re only in the initial dating stages and she’s still evaluating you), but they won’t blatantly tell you about it.

Thankfully, Singaporean girls don’t shy away from telling guys about their personality stuff they don’t like. They’re pretty straightforward about this, which I like. I like girls who are straightforward and don’t play games. I am busy enough with my work as a local trader that I don’t want to play after my work as well.

Singaporean girls also tend to be less touchy and flirty than their overseas counterparts. This is ‘bad’ if you’re trying to gauge if a girl likes you, because their levels of flirting are generally very low even if they really like you. However, it’s good if you’re already dating a local girl, because this means that they will be unlikely to flirt with other guys. (Of course, there will always be exceptions, but I’m talking about the norm in Singapore).

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