Considering A Career As An Escort Girl In SG?

Although I could explain in many words and paragraphs about the life of a girl who works as a social escort model at a local agency like in Singapore, I figure out that it’ll be far simpler to simply share with you a video interview of a lady who works as a social escort in Singapore. Saves me time, and you’ll still get your questions answered.

There are definitely quirks and interesting things you may hear from the video below. This is a especially interesting topic if you are interested in being a social escort but not sure how to ask people about it. There are lots of articles online (both based in Singapore and overseas) talking about the life of escorts, as well as videos such as the following.

So what do you think after watching the above interview video?

Want to consider a career as a model now? What do you think? Let me know in the comment section below!

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