Best Social Escort Agency?

There are obviously more than 1 social escort agency in Singapore. However, not all of them are made equal. Some are better than others. In this article, I shall discuss which agency I think is the best in Singapore by talking about the criteria I use to judge their services.

First of all, I think a very important criteria to consider when picking a social escort agency is reliability. When I say reliability, I mean the accuracy of the photographs that they use. Some escort agencies in Singapore do not use actual photographs, and then they simply send you a different girl from the image. This is why the best agencies in Singapore guarantee the accuracy of the girls’ looks when compared to the photo as per displayed on their website.

Second of all, choice. Can you imagine if all the girls at a agency is that of 1 particular race only? That will be so boring. The main reason I want to go to an agency is because I want reliability. Second of all, I want options. I dislike independent escorts because their photos are usually unreliable, and there is no option.

Third of all, I see no point in engaging a Caucasian or foreign girl in Singapore. Why would I want to engage a Caucasian or foreign girl in Singapore? I obviously want to engage a local Singaporean girl in Singapore! That’s the whole point of social escorts, to engage a local girl (in whichever country I am in at that time)!

Next of all, legitimacy. Unless an agency is registered with the local government, I would strictly not choose to use them. This is because if an agency is unregistered, the business is actually illegal, and dealing with them can cause me to potentially get into troubles in Singapore, especially if they send me an underaged girl.

Last of all, I think it’s really important for a company to be responsive and open in its communication with me. I believe in doing business with transparency. This is the case with social escort services as well, especially when many independent social escorts are dodgy as crazy.

With all of the above said, my personal recommendation is SG VIP Escort agency ( They provide a great range of local Singaporean girls of different races and is a registered agency with the local Singapore government.

Legality Of Using Social Escort Services In SG

With the recent news in the past 5 years of escorts being caught and agencies being forced to shut down by the police, many clients are worried that they purchase from the wrong agency, and end up getting detained for questions as well. Here are some sure-fire ways to more or less ensure that the social escort services you engage is legal. (I’m not a lawyer, so please check with your lawyer if you want 100% guarantee).

  • Firstly, ensure that the business is registered. There are some agencies which give bullshit excuses that their agencies are not registered to protect your privacy. However, the only reason they’re not registered is because they’re probably having some dodgy practices and thus don’t want to be above the radar. Make sure only to do business with and engage the social escorts of agencies which are registered. Simply check for their registered business name and unique entity number against ACRA’s data.
  • Secondly, only engage models who are Singaporean or PRs. This is extremely important, because most foreigners who work as social escorts are doing so illegally on invalid work permits or on no-work tourist VISAs. If they get caught, which they usually do considering how small Singapore is, then you will get questioned as well by the police if they manage to grab hold of you…
  • Third of all, never ever transfer money into a POSB account as deposit. That is money you will never ever see again. All registered social escort companies in Singapore will have a corporate bank account, which is definitely not a POSB account. POSB bank does not provide corporate services, so it is impossible for a registered company to be having a POSB bank account. If you transfer into an individual’s account, it is nearly impossible to withdraw it out or sue that person in the event of fraud. Only deal with cash or transfers into corporate banking accounts (UOB, DBS, Standard Chartered, OCBC, e.t.c.)
  • If the agency tries to upsell or organize for you sex or sexual services, keep in mind that this is against Singapore’s Women’s Charter law. This is STRICTLY against the law, which means that they will get caught and persecuted, and everyone they can dig out related to them will be caught and potentially detained, depending on situation. Therefore, only engage with social escort agencies which do not sell sex and do not buy such services from any girls or agencies whatsoever. Singapore is ridiculously stern against such offenders, so don’t risk it – you might already know this if you’re a local.

Anyway, just stick to the above rules, and you should steer clear of the law while enjoying the companionship of beautiful, beautiful girls. 😉 So far, the only company I know with certainty is strictly keeping on the right side of the law with beautiful Singaporean only girls is SG VIP Escorts. So you can feel free to engage them. Of course, there may be others like them in Singapore too. Just make sure to do your due diligence before engaging any social escort company in Singapore!