Female photographers take note!

If you are a female photographer, you are in for a growing photography niche in Singapore. It is a sensitive area of photography, similiar to modelling photography – maternity photography. The difference is that for maternity photography, the ladies are much more likely to prefer a female photographer than a male one as they are generally more conservative than models. Models are usually seen as very open minded and outgoing and hence they wouldn’t really mind if the photographer is a guy or a girl.

This is also one of the reasons why some of the best maternity as well as (for the most popular photograph niche) most recommended wedding photographers Singapore has to offer are actually female although people outside of the industry think it’s male. The companies are usually male-owned but female photographers – especially the case for wedding and maternity.

Maternity photography Singapore, taking pictures of pregnant ladies is growing slowly in Singapore. There aren’t many female photographers in Singapore and if you are one, or one that is intending to start your own photography business in Singapore, then consider maternity photography carefully. Market yourself well and let the ladies in Singapore know about you so that they can approach you for maternity photography sessions.

Understanding the photography business

If you are thinking whether to set up a photography business in Singapore, you need to consider various factors before making your decision. Various factors are:

1. Level of competition. Photography business in Singapore is very competitive. There are many photographers in Singapore offering the same services. Is your photography skills very unique and skillful as compared to the other photographers in the market? Do you have a competitive advantage? What makes the customers choose you instead of the other photographers?

2. What photography niche are you going to take up? Are you going to take up all possible photography niches such as family photography, pre wedding photography Singapore, or baby photography? Different photography niches have different equipment requirements – you will need different equipment for different types of settings and requirements. For example, for a family photo shoot, you will probably need a studio and plain backgrounds for the set up. For wedding photography, you will probably just need a good camera with you and a portable tripod if necessary. For baby photo shoot, you will probably just need a camera with you.

Consider this 2 factors very carefully before making your decision.

Looking For Good Wedding Or Baby Photographer?

For newly weds or engaged couples, are you excited about your upcoming marriage ceremony and are looking for a good actual day wedding photography Singapore company?

There are many such places to look for photographers, but the best bet is actually to Google for such companies and look through their individual websites to check out their portfolio.

However, if you know friends/family who have gotten married rather recently and engaged a great photographer, ask for referrals so you can check out their portfolio on Facebook or their personal/corporate website and see if the quality of the photographs there actually adhere to your idealĀ beliefs of how your wedding photography and videography should turn out. Make sure that it suits your purpose as this type of cinematography (wedding) is the only one which cannot be repeatedĀ as you only marry once in your lifetime (by right this should be the case).

For young parents, ever you thought of taking pictures of your beautiful newborn babies? I mean not by yourself, by developing beautiful photographs of them through professional photographers.

Few people hire professional photographers to take these baby pictures. Majority of the people doesn’t even consider this thought at all. Baby photography is simply not popular in this current days as compared to family photography. Almost more than half of the families in Singapore will at some point in time go to take a family portrait together, to preserve this memory of the whole family together in their lives. Some may even take family portraits at regular intervals to see how everyone has been growing in the family.

In comparison, baby photography is much less considered. Perhaps this is because everyone is concentrating on taking care of the babies’ needs that they ignore other factors and wants for the babies and for them themselves. Other reasons may be that they think their pictures of the babies are good enough and are not comfortable letting a stranger up close to the babies. It seems like it will take some time before baby photography will take off in Singapore.

Appreciating various photography

Photography is a wide topic. There are so many different types of photography around that you can possibly imagine. taking pictures is just capturing a piece of time – freezing time to capture various objects in front of our eyes. With this photography technology, anyone can simply capture anything he/she wants. You will just have to get to the location to take your pictures!

Various photography such as family photography, wedding photography, baby photography, toddler photography, maternity photography, animal photography, and scenery photography have their own beauty and emotions drawn out. For instance, family photography will focus on the intimate bonds between the family members and let you realises the importance and beauty of kinship. Wedding photography focuses on the romantic relationship between the newly-weds and you can appreciate the blissful atmopshere in the air. Animal photography let you realise the beauty and cruelty of mother nature.

If you are looking for a great photographer, you might want to check out Shimmery.

Wedding photography in Singapore

Wedding photography Singapore is a growing business. And it is a luxurious one. A one day wedding photography package typically cost about $1,500. It’s good money. But do not mistaken that the photographer will earn $1,500 just from one day of work. After the wedding event, the photographer will still need to edit the photographs, arrange and print out the photographs. Do not forget the pre-event photography work as well. The photographer may have to prepare some logistics such as tripod stands, lightning equipments and camera equipments to the wedding event for his photography work. There are a lot of back scene work that we do not see. Having said that, earning $1,500 for these work is still considered a good salary.

Photography job may looks to be highly profitable but it is in fact very competitive. Many people can enter this business niche and steal the existing photographer’s rice bowls. It takes a truly pro photographer to grow and maintain his reputation to survive and do well in this business niche.

Good and Bad photographs

Are there good or bad photographs?

If so, how do you define a photograph is good or bad. Or in another words, taken beautifully and taken badly?

A good photograph has to have a main character / object / focus. The picture needs to be focused on a particular character and object. The background will be blurred or seem unimportant as compared to the focus. There needs to be a main message delivered straight to the audience. Just by looking at the photograph, immediately, the audience will have to be impacted and be directed to think and feel what the photographer intend the audience to feel or think.

When taking the pictures, the photographer must have a certain thought or feeling that prompted him/her to capture that moment in time. The photograph if taken beautifully will allow the audience into the photographer’s mind and heart, appreciating the picture more, and imagining the actual scene of the photography. That’s a good photograph.