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  • Solid-state technology
  • Cost less to maintain
  • Reduces utility costs
  • Extremely resilient
  • More efficient than fluorescent (typical 90 lm/W LED to 70 lm/W Fluorescent)
  • 6 times more efficient than incandescent (typical 90 lm/W LED to 15 lm/W Incandescent)
  • L70 points to over 50,000 hrs!

The future of lighting is LED!!
Imagine the savings both environmentally and economically of converting street lighting, parking lots, parking garage lighting, parks and public facilities, municipal building exterior lighting, etc...the numbers are substantial!

Environmentally Safe
  • Free of harmful mercury
  • Consumes less energy
  • Lower greenhouse gas emissions
  • Helps to reduce the carbon footprint!
  • Surpasses DOE light degradation standards
  • Less need for replacement means less waste
  • Excellent lumen efficacy (90+ Lm/W)
  • Excellent thermal efficiency (Stabilized Tj down to 52.5C)


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