How To Make Your Wedding Photoshoot A Breeze

As an anxious bride or bridegroom, there must be a lot of worry on your mind when it comes to your wedding photography. There are so many aspects to it and many unknown elements which may happen (e.g. bad weather e.t.c.) that you don’t know what to do and end up ruining your own photoshoot. Don’t! Read this post and learn how to make your wedding photoshoot in Singapore a complete breeze.

First and foremost, if you want to hold your pre-wedding photoshoot in Singapore, then be sure to engage a professional photographer for weddings in Singapore. There are lots of talented photographers in Singapore, and they are more well-versed with the landscapes and are better at coming up with exciting locations and photography ideas in Singapore. Many foreigners love coming to Singapore for their pre-wedding photography location. It has similar photoshoot locations and backdrops as most parts in Jakarta and Malaysia, so foreigners prefer Singapore over them. This is why the wedding photography industry in Singapore is also booming.

Secondly of all, make sure to appoint someone to tell the photographer who your more important guests are. A good person to appoint would be a sibling or a close friend. This is so that the photographer knows who to take more images of. Most photographers only work solo, and they will not have the sufficient time to take photographs of every guest in the same quantity. Therefore, they will usually pick a few guests on whom they focus all their attention on (other than the couple themselves).

Third of all, meet the photographer slightly earlier before the photoshoot for prewedding photography or actual day wedding ceremony. This is so that both you and your spouse can get comfortable with the photographer. Trust me, if you are not comfortable with the professional photographer you engaged, your smiles will look all whacked.

Fourth of all, always choose the longest / most expensive version of the AD photoshoot package. Many couples look at the price and choose the shorter / cheaper one and end up paying more anyway, because the actual day wedding photoshoot will almost always take longer than expected.

Last but not least, enjoy and rest. Only then can you feel and look truly good in your wedding photographs.

Rent or buy your wedding gown?

No doubt, wedding will be one of the most significant event in our lives, and everyone will want to make the most out of it – create the most magical and memorable wedding for ourselves and our spouses. One of the most important preparations for the upcoming wedding is to get capable wedding photographers for the wedding. They are the critical component of recording down the beautiful wedding moments for you.

It will be a waste if the wedding executed perfectly but the photographers did not do a good job recording it down. Thus, you may want to look for good wedding photographer to cover that job well. Wedding photographers are talked about extensively in my other posts. In this post, I shall focus on one other important decision in the wedding plan – whether to rent or buy your wedding gown.

Wedding gown is the highlight of the wedding. Everyone wants to see how beautiful the bride is and how handsome the groom is. Having great fitting wedding gowns and suits for the bride and groom will complement their body shapes and make they look better. Moreover, the brides will want to have unique wedding gowns that look fabulous on them. All eyes will be on her when she walks down the aisle. The brides will be very fond of her wedding gowns and feels tempted to buy them. Here’s what I think of the situation:

1. Wedding is a once in a lifetime event for most people, and no doubt that we will want to look our best. There are just as many beautiful wedding gowns on rental as the new wedding gowns. You will be spoilt for choice. In terms of variety, I would say it’s a draw between the rental wedding gowns and new wedding gowns.

2. If you would like an unique wedding gown that no one else has wore before, then obviously you should go for new, exclusive wedding gowns. Do note these designer, exclusive wedding gowns are very expensive too – generally costing at least 5 figures in terms of US dollars.

3. If you do not mind wearing the same design wedding gowns as the others, you should rent wedding gowns. It will be much cheaper to rent than to purchase wedding gowns. What’s more, you will only wear it during your wedding event. After the wedding, it will be cast aside in your wardrobe.

If you are in Singapore and would like to rent your wedding gowns, contact Grandeur Wedding Studio ( They have one of the largest collections of wedding gowns in Singapore (in fact, thousands of wedding gowns).

Female photographers take note!

If you are a female photographer, you are in for a growing photography niche in Singapore. It is a highly popular but very premium area of photography, similar to modelling photography – wedding photography in Singapore – and in particular, pre wedding photography.

Some of the most recommended wedding photographers Singapore has to offer are actually female although people outside of the industry think that the top photographers are male. This is because these pre wedding photography companies and businesses are usually male owned but female photographers are the ones taking the actual images during the photo shoot session in Singapore – especially the case for pre wedding. Actual day wedding imagery is kind of mixed between male and female photographers in the case of Singapore.

There aren’t many female photographers in Singapore and if you are one, or one that is intending to start your own photography business in Singapore, then consider being a pre wedding photographer in Singapore carefully. Market yourself well and let the ladies in Singapore know about you so that they can approach you for pre wedding photo shoot sessions.

Some brides are actually much more comfortable in terms of working with a female photographer in Singapore versus a male one, simply because they feel that they can communicate comfortably with the Singapore pre wedding photographer without the husband getting jealous or some nonsense like that. (Yes it sounds ridiculously childish but I have experienced couples who are like that).

Because more couples are getting married in Singapore, and more foreigners are flocking to SIngapore for their pre wedding photo shoot sessions as well, you have a lot to gain in this increasing market size. If you know how to find clients as well, then you definitely have a lot to gain in terms of building a stable and good profit margin business in Singapore – in the pre wedding photography (or videography as well if you know how to do that) niche.

Understanding the photography business

If you are thinking whether to set up a photography business in Singapore, you need to consider various factors before making your decision. Various factors are:

1. Level of competition. Photography business in Singapore is very competitive. There are many photographers in Singapore offering the same services. Is your photography skills very unique and skillful as compared to the other photographers in the market? Do you have a competitive advantage? What makes the customers choose you instead of the other photographers?

2. What photography niche are you going to take up? Are you going to take up all possible photography niches or are you going just for the premium pricing one which is otherwise known as pre-wedding photography? Different photography niches have different equipment requirements – you will need different equipment for different types of settings and requirements. For pre wedding photography, you will probably just need a good camera with you and a portable tripod if necessary.

3. I recommend you go into pre wedding photography in Singapore, because that is where most photographers in Singapore have the most fun as well as make the most money because of the usually premium pricing when it comes to pre wedding photo shoots in Singapore. These clients only will take such photo shoot sessions once in their entire life times, so they are usually much more willing to spend to get a good pre wedding photography session done.

4. Customer service is very important in a niche like pre wedding photography. This is especially the case in Singapore where the population is so small, and bad word of mouth marketing will spread extremely quickly. This makes doing business and growing sales very difficult if one does not make sure that his or her reputation is good by giving excellent customer service support.

The above 4 points are some very important things if you want to become a professional wedding photographer in Singapore.

Looking For Good Wedding Photographer?

For newly weds or engaged couples, are you excited about your upcoming marriage ceremony and are looking for a good actual day wedding photography company to engage your bridal photoshoot services?

There are many such places to look for bridal photographers in Singapore.

However, if you know friends/family who have gotten married rather recently and engaged a great photographer, ask for referrals so you can check out their portfolio on Facebook or their personal / corporate website and see if the quality of the photographs there actually adhere to your ideal beliefs of how your actual day wedding photography and videography should turn out. Make sure that it suits your purpose as this type of cinematography (wedding) is the only one which cannot be repeated as you only marry once in your lifetime (by right this should be the case).

One of the more efficient ways though, is to actually Google for such companies and look through their individual websites to check out their portfolio. This is how I accidentally stumbled upon Singapore’s top wedding photography studio site – This is because when you go onto Google and search for these wedding photography websites and look through their portfolio, you will find it much more efficient in terms of time usage for assessing the quality of the actual day wedding photographs in Singapore they have taken – instead of asking them out one by one and looking through the portfolio. This way, you would have saved travelling time and unnecessary chit chat time.

Another efficient way is to check out firms dealing with actual day wedding photography in Singapore on Facebook itself. Most wedding photography or videography studios / company in Singapore have an active social media presence and so would have their photographs marketed on their Facebook account and they would usually also tag the accounts of their clients. This way you can check out for any potentially bad reviews as well, and look at the way they handle customer service as well as engage new potential customers. If you like it, then hire the wedding photographer you’re thinking of.

Appreciating various photography

wedding imagery

Photography is a wide topic. There are so many different types of photography around that you can possibly imagine. taking pictures is just capturing a piece of time – freezing time to capture various objects in front of our eyes. With this photography technology, anyone can simply capture anything he/she wants. You will just have to get to the location to take your pictures!

Various photography such as family photography, wedding photography, baby photography, toddler photography, maternity photography, animal photography, and scenery photography have their own beauty and emotions drawn out.

However, my favorite is clearly wedding photography (If you are looking for a great photographer, you might want to check out Grandeur Wedding Singapore.) That is why my website is all about wedding photography and videography. The following are my reasons why I strongly believe that wedding images and videos are usually the most amazing and mesmerizing of all in my opinion.

– When it comes to family photo shoots, sometimes certain family members such as the elderly or babies may not actually want to have the photographs taken because they’re tired or they just want to stay in the comfort of their own house.

– However, when it comes to either pre wedding or actual day photography and videography, both the husband and the wife who are getting married will be so excited to take the images together and this happiness really shows through the smiles of the couple in the photographs. This is especially the case for pre wedding photography in Singapore – because during the actual day wedding ceremony, the couple may feel fatigued and busy and thus not smile as excitedly because they have a hectic schedule.

– Wedding photography, videography and cinematography is one of the few types of people imagery that includes the person’s friends and sometimes strangers within the images. This is not the case with most other types of photo shoots such as family or baby. This is what makes wedding imagery unique as well.

So finally, after me discussing about all the different reasons why I love wedding imagery, what are your thoughts? Do you agree with me? What is your favorite? Check out Grandeur Wedding Studio if you are looking for a quality pre wedding and actual day photographer and videographer in Singapore!

Wedding photography in Singapore

wedding photography

Wedding photography is a rapidly growing business and industry in Singapore This is because many more Singaporeans as well as expatriates and foreigners are flocking to this safe haven to park their money as well as have their wedding photo shoot taken here.

The wedding photography business in Singapore is also a luxurious one. A one day Singapore wedding photography package typically cost about $2,500 to $3,500. It is good money. But do not mistaken that the photographer will earn $2,500 to $3,500 just from one day of work. After the wedding event, the photographer will still need to edit the photographs, arrange and print out the photographs. Do not forget the pre event photography work as well for both actual day and pre wedding photo shoots in Singapore. The photographer may have to prepare some logistics such as tripod stands, lighting equipment and camera equipment to the wedding photography event or ceremony for his photography work.

There are a lot of back scene work that we do not see. Having said that, earning $2,500 to 3,500 for these work is still considered a good salary.

The wedding photography business and industry may look to be highly profitable in Singapore but it is in fact very competitive and thus far only top companies like Grandeur Wedding Studio and 36 Frames and Nat Studios are very popular in Singapore, while most others do not do as well. Many people can enter this business niche and steal the existing photographer’s rice bowls. It takes a truly pro photographer to grow and maintain his reputation to survive and do well in this business niche.

There are some Singapore wedding photographers who do not take care and put in the effort to provide good customer service after the entire wedding photography or videography session is completed. That is also the reason why there are some bad reviews for certain photographers on Singapore photography related forums such as Club Snap.

Therefore when you look for a wedding photographer in Singapore, make very sure to check out his, her or their reviews on social media and forums in Singapore too!

Good and Bad photographs

Are there good or bad wedding photographs? Yes there definitely is! That is why certain wedding photography studios in Singapore charge a much higher premium for their services and images taken.

If so, how do you define whether an actual day or pre wedding photograph is good or bad? Or in another words, taken beautifully and taken badly?

A good photograph has to have a main character / object / focus. The picture needs to be focused on a particular character and object. The background will be blurred or seem unimportant as compared to the focus. There needs to be a main message delivered straight to the audience. Just by looking at the photograph, immediately, the audience will have to be impacted and be directed to think and feel what the photographer intend the audience to feel or think.

When taking the pictures, the photographer must have a certain thought or feeling that prompted him/her to capture that moment in time. The photograph if taken beautifully will allow the audience into the photographer’s mind and heart, appreciating the picture more, and imagining the actual scene of the photography. That’s a good photograph.

There is also another part to great looking wedding photographs – the post production editing works. This is a crucial part where the right edits will make a particular wedding photograph look much better than one which was poorly edited. If you do not believe that this is possible, just check out those photography competition where people are asked to edit the same images and make them look better. There is a reason why certain photos look better after certain types of edits and this is the reason why there are good and bad wedding photographs.

If you want your actual day and pre wedding photo shoot images to turn out looking beautiful and amazing, then definitely pick only the best wedding photographer in Singapore to take your images for your beautiful day!